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Here are the most notable stories our writers and readers came across in the past seven days…

Sad but true: Parody about DOTs and crosswalks that is so close to the reality and so timely that it’s almost not funny. (The Onion)

Idaho Stop for all!: At a major Vision Zero conference, a federal administrator who works for NHTSA said they’ve analyzed data from places with “stops as yields” laws for bike riders and they like what they see. (Streetsblog USA)

E-bike style: For an American e-bike brand to truly go mainstream it must be stylish and sexy like the brand VanMoof. (New York Times)

Great question: I’m just happy to see the automotive media even asking whether or not a separate license should be required for driving some types of consumer vehicles. (The Drive)

Transit attitudes: This large survey of Washington D.C.-area commuters should be a wake-up call for city planners and add even more urgency to efforts to make driving worse while we improve transit service substantially. (Washington Post)

Tech, part one: Audi thinks they’ve found a way to make cycling safer through a high-tech communication protocol that can ping drivers and bike riders before a collision. (Curbed)

Tech, part two: As part of their vision zero campaign, London city planners worked with a company to insert sensors onto bikes in a bid to find hot-spots and other danger warning signs. (See Sense)

Tech, part three: Noted transportation journalist David Zipper says despite enthusiasm from carmakers, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems won’t lead to safety utopia. (The Verge)

Bike subsidies: The City of Denver has spent over $4 million to help people by e-bikes and it’s been so successful backers of the program are asking for more money to keep it rolling. (Fast Company)

Cycling through Covid: Researchers John Pucher and Ralph Buehler give the City of Portland high marks for helping folks continue cycling through the pandemic. (Streetsblog USA)

Video of the Week: The inimitable filmmaker Casey Neistat returns to one of his pet peeves with a proposal to finally fix it…

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