Right at the entrance of Halicuna Bay Mall is a 1929 Ford, among the aisles of handmade goods marked by "street" signs.

There is an abundance of locally-made goods from talented and crafty folks in the Mid-Willamette Valley.

But sometimes finding those goods is the hardest part.

While farmers markets and websites such as Etsy are the primary destination for some entrepreneurs, it can be a richer experience seeing the items in person, perhaps even meeting the maker.

Here is a roundup of some stores with vendors selling products ranging from self-care goodies and cosmetics to home decor, clothing and more:

Halicuna Bay Mall 

Driving along Commercial Street SE, you probably have gone by Halicuna Bay Mall with its brightly colored signage. Though the name sounds like a tropical paradise, it is actually a treasure trove of over 100 local vendors’ products inside, including clothing, pickled foods, home decor, kitchen goods, self-care products, jewelry and more.  

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