PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — From Damascus to West Linn, Oregon City and beyond, dangerous road conditions were seen throughout Clackamas County.

With high winds and waters expected to continue throughout the weekend, state transportation experts say the ongoing inclement weather is something Oregonians be weary of.

“Conditions are going to be treacherous,” said Don Hamilton, of the Oregon Department of Transportation. “The high wind may mean some trees are going to be coming down. A lot of rain means there’s going to be a lot of high water on the roads. There’s a lot of different things that can trip us up on the roads out here, so we all need to be really careful.”

As drivers braved commutes through ponding, fallen rocks, fast winds, and downed trees Hamilton says ODOT crews are working around the clock to keep roads clear.

“Any debris that comes down on the road, we’re going to get out there as quickly as we can to make sure the roads are clear.” said Hamilton. “We want to make sure the roads are as safe as we possibly can make them.”

Reports of a fallen tree in Happy Valley, near the intersection between Oregon 212 and 224, began pouring in during 5:30 p.m. rush hour, and while crews were able to successfully remove the tree, it ended up blocking the road for nearly an hour here – with traffic still very much backed up.

With increased risks of hydroplaning and crashes, ODOT said residents can also do their part to keep themselves and others safe on the road.

“We can all help by clearing our own neighborhood storm drains. Get the leaves out of there too so the water can drain out,” said Hamilton. “But the most important thing we can do is just be really careful out there. Slow down, be careful, look out for the other guys on the road.”

With flooding and high waters seen on the road Friday, Clackamas County firefighters put out a message urging at-risk residents to visit one of the county’s many sandbag locations. Officials said all sites are self-service and all residents have to do is bring a shovel.

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