Oregon Ducks vs. Stanford Cardinal (Photo Courtesy of Ethan Landa)

Last week, I told Oregon fans that it might be time to have a conversation about QB Bo Nix, and what our expectations for him were in Eugene. This week, I want to talk about another Oregon quarterback.

I think it might be time that Duck fans had a conversation about Ty Thompson.

It may seem crazy to be “having a conversation” about a backup quarterback, but when you have as much fanfare and hype as Thompson does, then I think it warrants some attention.

With the game out of hand on Saturday night, Thompson came in to relieve Nix. He, unfortunately, didn’t look great once again, finishing with 3 passing yards on 1-for-5 attempts with an interception. On the season, he is 7-for-14 for 71 yards and 2 interceptions. The three drives he led on Saturday went for an interception and two punts. So far this year, Thompson has led 7 drives for the Ducks, three of which ended in punts, two of which ended in interceptions, and two of which ended in touchdowns against Eastern Washington. At one point in the game against BYU, Lanning put Thompson in the game in the 3rd quarter and later had to pull him after two drives with the score getting too close.

For your average backup quarterback, this shouldn’t be appalling. Ty Thompson is not regarded as your average backup in Eugene, though. He was supposed to be the next great player in Oregon history, signing with the Ducks as the highest-rated QB in program history. Fans have called for a pair of starting quarterbacks to be benched for Thompson, but when he’s been given an opportunity, he hasn’t quite made the most of it.

Of course, the times when Thompson is in the game, Oregon’s offensive scheme is more geared towards a run-out-the-clock mentality, but I’m starting to think that if he was as good as everyone wants him to be, we’d have seen some flashes of that by now.

We’re still waiting. I’m not saying it will never come, but I’m starting to think that Thompson’s college career may not get off the ground in Eugene.

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