Police brief.

The Department of Safety Standards & Training voted Thursday to revoke the police certifications for nine officers, including two who have worked at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and Oregon State Police.

The Department of Safety Standards & Training is the state agency responsible for certifying and licensing officers, emergency dispatchers, private investigators and other groups that deal with the law. The department also investigates cases involving officer discipline, including economic sanctions.

Several DPSST committees made recommendations to the department’s board regarding the discipline of 11 officers. The board voted to have nine of the officers’ certifications revoked.

In November 2019, Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy Jerry Wollenschlaeger medically retired with a settlement agreement during a criminal investigation after he was charged with theft for stealing a $12 credit from a video poker machine, according to court documents. Wollenschlaeger reached a civil compromise with the woman whose money he used and paid her $1,000. The board voted to revoke his certification for life.

Raymond Dube, a former officer with Oregon State Police, was terminated in October 2019 after allegations he was untruthful during a criminal investigation into whether he was intoxicated while driving his vehicle. After an investigation, DPSST issued a notice of intent to revoke his police certification because Dube does not “meet the requirements of good moral fitness,” according to the investigation report. The board voted to revoke his certification for 10 years.

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