Alaska Airlines has resumed operations in Portland with some expected cancellations due to displaced aircraft and crews as a result of Friday’s storm

PORTLAND, Ore — Freezing rain subsided early Saturday morning. While airport travel woes persist, it’s getting better. Alaska Airlines resumed operations in Portland Christmas Day after cancelling all of its mainline flights out of PDX through Christmas Eve. Southwest Airlines says they are unwinding disruptions. Both airlines say people should still expect some cancellations.

It was a Christmas miracle for a family of 26 on Sunday. The group awaited on family members to arrive at the Portland International Airport for their first family Christmas together. The reunion almost didn’t happen. 

“It was kind of crazy because we were stressed about the flight getting cancelled like the last couple of days but we made it here,” explained one of the siblings who had just landed home in Portland.

After days of frustrations, delays and rescheduled flights, some travelers finally reached their destinations at the Portland International Airport on Christmas day.

Wendy Redal flew from Denver to spend the holiday with her kids. She had two flights cancelled since Thursday. 

“The only time we could rebook was today, Christmas morning so it took three days to get here but I’m here,” said Redal.

 “Our daughter is coming in on another flight and we’re gonna have christmas dinner with our kids here.”

But not everyone was that lucky. Kristen Paglia and her husband were stranded at the airport. They were trying to get to Los Angeles to be with their kids but got stuck.

“We were told it’s going to be about two days until we can get a flight out,” said Paglia. 

The couple decided to rent a car and drive to meet their kids instead.

Other travelers spent hours in line to rebook cancelled flights. Those who made it home in time for the holiday are immensely grateful.

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