PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Saturday begins the climb out of the freezer box with daytime highs eventually reaching the low 40’s for Portland / Vancouver.

Getting there could take longer for the east side of Portland, Troutdale, and the west mouth of the Gorge. I’ll cut to the chase right now and say I expect I-84 between Hood River and Troutdale will still be closed through Saturday.

Getting from here to there.

Mountain passes are above freezing thanks to a warm layer above 1,500 feet. So if you have to drive east or west through the Cascades, use those mountain passes. We had less snowfall in Oregon. Routes like Hwy 26 Gov. Camp might be a more reliable bet.

The easterly wind that has been transporting the Arctic air has backed off but in the Gorge itself, that wind will still be going. Any little bit of that cold air that spills out over Troutdale and PDX may keep temps freezing through sunrise time.

Closer to the Gorge, freezing temps may linger into Saturday midday. All other areas away from the Gorge will warm up quickly. That’s good news because there is more rain in the forecast today. That means more winter weather for the Gorge.

Winter Storm Warning for the west Gorge lasts until Sat 10 p.m., and for the East Gorge until Sunday at 1 a.m. for freezing rain, wind and sleet/snow.

Portland woke up to a blanket of sleet, ice pellets and freezing rain Friday morning. Take a look at some of the wintry pictures we gathered since Thursday.

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