Mary Cooke, of Lebanon, speaks in support of House Bill 2667 Monday during a Senate Committee on Natural Resources public hearing. The bill proposes to ban new or expanded large confined-animal operations until 2031.

Dozens of people turned out Monday to weigh in on proposed legislation that would ban new or expanded megadairies, chicken ranches and other large confined-animal operations in Oregon through June 30, 2031.  

Hundreds more submitted written testimony on the controversial bill.

Senate Bill 85 would give the state time to study the facilities’ impacts on air, water, animal welfare, workers and communities, its backers say.

The bill is being considered as chicken growers, including Foster Farms, have been rapidly expanding operations in the Willamette Valley, alarming neighbors.

Proposals include a 500,000-chicken facility in Aumsville, a 580,000-chicken facility in Scio and a 750,000-chicken facility between Jefferson and Scio.

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