Magic Wheelchair delivered at Portland Fan Expo

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Lilly Ryder is a superfan of Princess Peach. And on Saturday the 10-year-old got a perfectly peachy wheelchair made by volunteers who helped design and make it just the way she imagined.

Lilly received her surprise Magic Wheelchair at the Portland Fan Expo from the volunteers and Executive Director Christine Getman.

“We just revealed an epic Princess Peach wheelchair costume for Lilly,” Getman said. “It’s so empowering for kids and it puts a positive spin on being a wheelchair user and shows the world how cool and awesome our kiddos are.”

Magic Wheelchair just got a $30,000 donation, which helps support this Gresham-based non profit that goes on to help children across the world.

Getman was KOIN’s 2022 Remarkable Woman.

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