Rep. Teresa Alonso Leon was the first immigrant Latina elected to join Oregon’s State Legislature in 2016. But her three-term stretch as House District 22’s representative is coming to an end.

The district currently stretches in a narrow strip along both sides of Interstate 5 from Woodburn, through Salem to Market Street but redistricting has shifted the boundaries to expand west to the Willamette River to include some additional rural communities north of Keizer.

One Democrat, Anthony Medina, is hoping to fill Leon’s seat with another Latino leader. He is currently in the Woodburn School District Board and remains committed to his campaign while suing a Woodburn massage parlor for inappropriate sexual conduct.

His opponent, Republican Tracy Cramer, believes the district is ready for a change.

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Anthony Medina

Anthony Medina

Anthony Medina’s family set roots in Woodburn in the early 1960s as farm workers. He’s called District 22 home for his entire life and was raised by his grandparents who told him of their experience in labor camps and their journey to Oregon.

Medina became the first in his family to graduate from high school where he became involved with TRIO Programs, federal programs that provide guidance and resources to low-income, first-generation or disabled students. After graduation, his TRIO advisor encouraged him to enroll in Western Oregon University where he received a bachelor’s degree in Public Policy and Administration.

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