There is nothing quite like the joy of rising with the sun as it first breaches the horizon, announcing the start of another day, and then watching that same sun crest over your head only to melt into the ocean a few hours later, painting the sky red and pink.

That masterpiece of a process is best observed high in the clouds, a luxury I was able to enjoy while spending two nights at elevation over 4,300 feet at the Snow Camp Lookout in southwest Oregon.

A 14-by-14 foot cabin adorned with a wood stove, a small bed frame and a cement picnic table out front, Snow Camp Lookout, located in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest, is nestled between the remnants of several of Oregon’s most intense wildfires. The fire lookout burned in 2002 and was rebuilt, but was then nearly burned again in the 2017 Chetco Bar Fire.

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