The Oregon State Hospital in Salem has struggled correct violations related to staff safety from violent patients.

A patient grabbed her by the hair and repeatedly threw her into the doorframe. There was nothing the Oregon State Hospital employee could do to stop it from happening.

Fighting back tears, she recounted the attack to the Statesman Journal, saying because of hospital policies, she was not allowed to leave the patient’s side.

“So many of us have developed PTSD and anxiety,” she said. “After being there for about a year, you’re usually on medication for it.”

The Oregon State Hospital on Center Street in Salem is a psychiatric facility that currently serves about 549 patients with varying behavioral health conditions.

Multiple assaults on hospital staff are detailed in a more than 1,100-page investigative report the Statesman Journal obtained from Oregon OSHA. The report shows employees face daily violent altercations with patients and frequently are injured.

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