Aerial view of Cascade Locks.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality levied 13 fines in December, totaling $273,022.

Among those penalized was a Eugene lumber manufacturer that failed to monitor stormwater releases; a Halsey pulp mill exceeding the carbon monoxide limits of its air quality permit; an Astoria company spilling septic tank contents; and Coos Bay government agencies burning a building with asbestos for fire practice.

Recipients can appeal their fines by requesting a hearing within 20 calendar days of receiving their penalty letter. DEQ sometimes reduces or eliminates fines after appeals.

Recipients also may be able to resolve part of their fines by completing sponsoring an environmental improvement project instead of paying a penalty.

Here are the citations:

Coos Bay School District, Coos Bay, $56,676: For allowing the Coos Bay Fire Department to conduct a burn-to-learn exercise to demolish a building at 417 Madison St. that contained significant amounts of asbestos-containing materials.

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