A roadside memorial is set up along Commercial Street SE in Salem.

Salem City Council on Monday will consider adding “Vision Zero” — a goal of eliminating traffic deaths among cyclists, pedestrians and drivers over the next 10 years — to its citywide transportation plan.

Councilor Virginia Stapleton is bringing forth the motion to add Vision Zero to the upcoming Salem Transportation System Plan update.

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Vision Zero is a decades-old strategy to cut the number of traffic fatalities down to zero and decrease severe injuries while increasing safe and equitable mobility for all.

Portland, Eugene, Seattle, Denver and Minneapolis are all Vision Zero communities. Implementing Vision Zero can include efforts to reduce speeding, increase pedestrian visibility and accessibility, and protect cyclists.

In her motion, Stapleton said key city departments, including Public Works, Community Development, Urban Development, and Police would need to be actively engaged as leaders and partners in the process of developing the Vision Zero plan, implementing it and evaluating and sharing progress. The city would also need to work with other community partners in public health and transit.

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