The Oregon Public Utilities Commission has approved a 25% increase in rates for Northwest Natural residential customers. The first increase takes place Nov. 1 and the second will begin after the winter season.

NW Natural customers who use natural gas to heat their homes are about to see a major increase in their bills.

Starting Nov. 1, Northwest Natural bills will rise by 14%. After the winter season, bills will jump again for a 25% total increase.

The state’s Public Utility Commission, which regulates investor-owned utility companies, approved the rate increase after a contested original settlement. NW Natural had asked for a $82 million increase in rates, but the commission eventually approved a $62.7 million increase.

The average residential customer in Oregon pays about $78 per month. They will see an increase to about $88 per month starting Nov. 1 and again to $95 in April.

NW Natural has about 2.5 million customers in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

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