Portland General Electric crews repair a power line near Faragate Street and Brown Island Road in South Salem.

Electric rates for most of Oregon will increase significantly in the new year.

Residential customers of PGE will see a 7% increase starting Jan. 1. For the typical customer who uses 780 kilowatt hours, that will be an increase to $122.60 per month from $114.54, according to the Oregon Public Utilities Commission.

For residential customers of Pacific Power, rates will increase an average of 15.1% starting Jan. 1. For a customer who uses 900 kilowatt hours per month, their monthly bill will go up to an average of $111.34 from $91.89.

Portland General Electric has about 900,000 customers in Oregon, which makes up about 2 million people. Its territory includes much of the north Willamette Valley including most of Salem and Portland.

Pacific Power has about 630,000 customers in Oregon, including cities like Stayton and Albany.

PGE customers already saw a 3.6% rate increase in May.

Pacific Power had asked for a 14% increase for residential customers in its initial rate case filing in May.

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