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Here are the most notable stories our writers and readers have come across in the past seven days…

The future is carfree: Young people (including Portland youth climate activist Adah Crandall, who was featured in this article!) are envisioning a world beyond cars. (The Economist)

Bike across America: Learn about the 3,700-mile Great American Rail-Trail, which would make bike trips from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine more feasible. (National Geographic)

The need for freight regulation: The Norfolk Southern catastrophe in Ohio is the latest display of the dangers of the all-powerful freight industry in the United States. (The Guardian)

The electric pickup truck test: Not all electric vehicles are created equal when it comes to emissions reductions (or safety for vulnerable road users). (The New York Times)

E-bike incentives lead to safe streets advocates: A “hidden power of e-bike incentives”? More people are realizing how important safe bike infrastructure is, and asking their leaders to listen. (Bloomberg CityLab)

Why teenagers in New York aren’t riding the subway: Some Manhattan parents are anxious about letting their older kids get around by themselves, and they’re missing out on a rite of passage for New Yorkers (and city kids everywhere). (Curbed)

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