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Here are the most notable stories our writers and readers came across in the past seven days…

Better vision: How do you push your city to make streets safer? Offer a detailed plan for tackling Vision Zero like nonprofit Seattle Neighborhood Greenways just did. (The Urbanist)

What parking lots are good for: In France, a new law requires that every existing car parking garage with over 80 spaces must install solar panels on its roof. (Electrek)

Pedestrian rights: The city of Los Angeles has relaxed its crossing laws for people on foot thanks to passage of the “Freedom to Walk Act.” (NY Times)

Bike share competitor: Netherlands-based Swapfiets, a service that offers all-inclusive bike rentals, is booming in London and the company says they will expand to other cities with quality bike infrastructure. (Bloomberg)

When Pete Buttigieg talks about bikes and cars…: We should all listen. That’s because this US DOT Secretary is an amazing communicator and he knows how to be persuasive and politically palatable. (Fast Company)

Right turns wrong: The more I hear about cities banning right-turn-on-red, like this article about Berkeley, the more curious I am about whether we should push for it in Portland. (SF Gate)

A familiar problem: A deep dive into raging bike theft epidemic in Burlington, Vermont and how it relates to policing. The person who sent this link said the article could have been about Portland. (NY Times)

Think you can do better?: A new video game lets you be the general manager of a bus system in any city you choose. (Streetsblog USA)

Video of the Week: Seattle has built a concrete-barrier protected bike lane on a highway and it looks fantastic (Seattle Bike Blog)

Thanks to everyone who shared links this week.

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