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Welcome to the week. Hope you have had a great holiday so far, and I know many of you are still on winter break. We are back at the office but will still be on a limited schedule now through the New Year.

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Here are the most notable stories our writers and readers came across in the past seven days…

When helmet hair is no joke: The lack of helmets that fit the hair types of many Black riders is a persistent hurdle toward moving cycling culture beyond its white-centric status quo. (African American Intellectual History Society)

Compact city: Portland has “20-minute neighborhoods,” but the Japanese city of Toyama is one of several in that country being hailed as a global leader in an anti-sprawl, “dumpling and skewer” approach. (The Economist)

Prison labor: A central California prison inmate started a bike donation program and refurbished 200 bikes for kids in need while he was incarcerated. (California Dept. of Corrections)

E-bikes for cops: If the Portland Police Bureau wants to beef up its downtown bicycle unit’s capabilities, they’d be wise to consider these recommendations. (Bicycle Retailer)

Sleeping with the enemy: The cycling world’s largest magazine glowingly reviewed Ford’s, $99,000 electric F-150 pickup truck, saying it’s the “ultimate e-bike accessory.” (Bicycling)

How to revitalize downtown: Portland leaders should read every word of this article which perfectly sums up how we must shift our perspective for central city planning away from business interests and office workers, and toward what people actually want. (Slate)

Car replacement ally: Global bike brand Canyon sees the opportunity to convert car owners to an e-bike lifestyle and plans to add more utilitarian models to its line-up. (Financial Times)

Highway be-gone: The Massachusetts DOT plans to remove a waterfront highway in order to turn 17 acres of land into new housing with walkable neighborhoods. (Streetsblog Mass)

IBR boondoggle: The editorial board of a Seattle-based news publication warns that the Interstate Bridge Replacement project should be seriously right-sized lest it ends up becoming a “boondoggle.” (Seattle Times)

Video of the Week: An electric cargo bike with a snow-plow attachment in the front. Someone in Portland should do this. Heck, the City of Portland should do this! I’m sure someone could figure out a leaf and gravel-sweeper attachment. Right?

Thanks to everyone who shared links this week.

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