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Welcome to the week. We hope you had a nice holiday.

This week’s Monday Roundup is made possible by Showers Pass, makers of quality waterproof rainwear and gear that’s proudly designed and tested right here in Portland!

Here are the most notable stories our writers and readers came across in the past seven days…

Who’s the victim?: You know we live in a dysfunctional, car-soaked culture when a magazine decides to publish a sympathetic profile of a woman whose reckless driving killed two innocent people — and of course it comes out just before her trial starts. (LA Magazine)

Blame the buses: A story about a bus lane project in Hillsdale features only complaints from business owners and drivers who say the lack of car access is too much to bear. (Portland Tribune)

Bike the vote: The recent election included around $3.6 billion in successful funding measures nationwide that could lead to bicycling infrastructure. (People for Bikes)

Same ol’ same ol’: America’s roads and transportation system is exceptionally deadly and dysfunctional, and until we end car abuse and its enablers nothing will change. (NY Times)

Record ride: A 45-year-old woman broke the record for longest solo bike ride when she conquered headwinds and freezing temperatures to tally nearly 4,000 km of pedaling across India. (The Indian Express)

Bike lanes and the ADA: Disability rights orgs have filed suit in Washington DC over what they say are bike lane projects that run afoul of the Americans with Disabilities law. (WTOP)

Video of the Week: Don’t miss Amit Zinman’s video recap of last week’s World Day of Remembrance for Roadway Traffic Victims event:

Thanks to everyone who shared links this week.

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