Artist Richard Bunse looks at his work.

Richard Bunse’s brush sweeps the brow of a cutthroat trout swimming through his mind. Most nature artists work from specimens and photographs, but many of Bunse’s images emerge directly from memory. A lifetime artist, fly fisherman and conservationist, Bunse’s illustrations have appeared in America’s top sporting magazines and in over 30 books ranging from qigong and poetry to entomology and angling.

A soft spoken man with a crown of snow-white hair and a matching wooly beard, Bunse works from his Monmouth home studio. The sunlit room is packed-to-the-gills with books, antique fly gear, coffee cups, cookie dishes, art supplies and sketchbooks. An accomplished painter, photographer and illustrator, he’s partial to the ink wash technique bringing this cutthroat to life. A fountain pen lineates the rays of the dorsal fin, while a side-swept brushstroke shades the wide swoosh of the trout’s tail. The fish appears fully animated without the meticulous details of hyperrealism. “The economic ink wash can express so much with so little,” Bunse said.

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