This is a snapshot of the inspections conducted by the Marion County health department. 

Twice annually, licensed restaurants receive unannounced inspections that focus on food temperatures, food preparation practices, worker hygiene, dish-washing and sanitizing, and equipment and facility cleanliness. 

Violations: Restaurant scores are based on a 100-point scale. Priority violations deduct 5 points, and priority foundation violations deduct 3 points. Violations recorded on consecutive inspections result in point deductions being doubled.  

Scoring: Scores of 70 or higher are considered compliant. Restaurants scoring below 70 must be reinspected within 30 days or face closure or other administrative action. Restaurants display a placard by the entrance to indicate whether they have passed their last inspection. 

The latest inspections can be viewed at bit.ly/3Taa1cp

Semiannual restaurant inspections from Oct. 11. 

Marion County Restaurant Inspections 

The Soul Shack

Location: 1510 Fabry Road SE, Salem (mobile unit)

Date: Oct. 11

Score: 91

Priority violations:

A handwashing sink is not accessible for employee use at all times, is used for purposes other than handwashing or is not operated properly, specifically: Handwashing sink used to thaw fish. Point deduction: 3.

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