The Oregon State Hospital in Salem.

U.S. federal Judge Michael Mosman has denied requests to change his ruling ordering strict deadlines on how long the state of Oregon can keep patients at the Oregon State Hospital while receiving treatment to restore their ability to defend themselves against criminals charges.

Mosman said in his ruling released Monday that “the solution to the state-wide humanitarian crisis” of defendants spending lengthy periods in jail awaiting transfer to the state hospital needs more time to be implemented.

In September, Mosman ordered the state to release “aid and assist” patients with misdemeanor charges from the hospital within 90 days, felony charges within six months, and “violent felony” or “person-centered” charges within a year. Releasing patients quicker would allow defendants waiting in jail to be admitted sooner.

“If all goes to plan, it will enable the state to achieve compliance with the Constitution next year, for the first time in nearly half a decade,” the judge said in his order.

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