A Pacific golden chanterelle.

In 1999, the Pacific golden chanterelle was declared Oregon’s official state mushroom, making Oregon one of only two states that has an official mushroom (spoiler: the other state is Minnesota, who championed the morel).

Unique to the forests of the Pacific Northwest, this mushroom grows abundantly in the late summer and fall once the rains begin to sprinkle the ground, popping out of the mossy floor like a legion of golden-crowned gnomes reaching out of the Earth for the sun. Because chanterelles have a symbiotic relationship with trees, such as Douglas firs, spruces and hemlocks, they grow with ease in conifer forests across the state.

Chanterelles, which are in the genus Cantharellus, are renowned for their delicious flavor, gorgeous color and a prolific presence in Oregon forests. They’re one of the most popular edible mushrooms across the country.

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