Sprague's Athan Palmateer (9) runs the ball during the second quarter of the game against South Salem on Oct. 21.

This postseason will be different at the Class 6A level, with just 16 teams competing for the OSAA state championship. 

Another 16 teams will make up a separate postseason bracket competing for the Columbia Cup. 

As of this week, sitting at No. 9 in the state, South Salem would be in the championship bracket. 

West Salem at No. 36, and McNary at No. 37, would be left out of the postseason altogether as of this week. 

So this new postseason format likely will impact two Mid-Valley teams: Sprague (No. 22) and North Salem (No. 28). 

How do the Olympians’ and Vikings’ players feel about the Columbia Cup bracket?

The responses were mixed. 

Mixed feelings among players

North Salem's TC Manumaleuna (6) prepares to call out a play during the game against Sprague on Oct. 13 at Sprague High School in Salem.

TC Manumaleuna, North Salem’s junior quarterback, likes it. 

“Other people don’t like it but I do. The top teams are usually the same guys and a lot of us have to play catch up,” Manumaleuna said. “Nothing wrong with that. I think the Columbia Cup helps teams like us continue to get better. North will be in the top bracket soon. I only wanted to turn my school around when I got here and I think we’re headed in the right direction.”

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