(Clockwise from top left) Edwina Blackwell Clark, executive editor of the Columbus Dispatch; Roxanna Scott, executive editor of USA TODAY Sports; Aki Soga, top editor at the Burlington Free Press; Elvia Díaz, opinion editor for the Arizona Republic.

As journalists, we all bring our experiences and background to the table when deciding what to cover, how to cover it and how aggressively to cover it.

That’s why it matters so much who has a seat.

In Nashville, editor Gary Estwick wrote about his uncertainty about leading coverage of Juneteenth (“After all, are we celebrating Juneteenth? Commemorating? Grieving?”) and then produced a project (called “Free-ish”) exploring emotions around the day, its “rich but conflicting history,” and how people were spending it.

Arizona Republic indigenous affairs reporter Debra Utacia Krol, an enrolled member of the Xolon Salinan Tribe from the Central California coast ranges, is one of four tribal members in the newsroom. She has been covering the battle over a copper mine proposed in an area considered sacred by Indigenous people, which led to a broader look at other sacred places around the Southwest that faced similar threats.

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