PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Friday’s wardrobe should include a light rain jacket and rain boots. Although, if you decide to wear shorts, no one will judge.

Temperatures will be in the low 50s from morning to afternoon. We’ll call it a warmer than normal January day. Eugene broke its daily record Thursday at 62° (60° in 2021).

An atmospheric river is falling apart but what’s leftover is favoring the coast. Friday rain for Portland is between 0.4″ and 0.5″. There is a chance of thunderstorms along the Oregon coast Friday.

The heaviest rain will be on Sunday. 

Drought monitor released Thursday reveals minimal change week to week for Oregon, but the northwest section is completely out of drought conditions at least. Central Oregon is in a tough spot with the exceptional drought category.

Weather Alerts issued by the National Weather Service:


* WHAT…Sneaker waves possible.

* WHERE…In Oregon, North Oregon Coast and Central Oregon Coast. In Washington, South Washington Coast.

* WHEN…Through Friday morning.

* IMPACTS…Waves can run up significantly farther on a beach than normal, including over rocks and jetties. Sneaker waves can suddenly knock people off of their feet and quickly pull them into the frigid ocean which may lead to serious injury or drowning.

* WHAT...Minor coastal flooding expected.
* WHERE...Southwest Interior, Everett and Vicinity, Tacoma Area,
  Admiralty Inlet Area, Hood Canal Area, Bellevue and Vicinity,
  Seattle and Vicinity and Bremerton and Vicinity zones.
* WHEN...From 6 AM to noon PST Friday.
* IMPACTS...Tidal overflow around high tide may cause flooding of
  lots, parks, and roads with only isolated road closures
If travel is required, allow extra time as some roads may be
closed. Do not drive around barricades or through water of
unknown depth. Take the necessary actions to protect flood-prone
* WHAT...Dangerously large breaking waves of 30 to 35 feet.
* WHERE...All beaches and shorelines of southern Oregon. The
  most extreme conditions are expected at Cape Blanco.
* WHEN...From 10 AM this morning to 10 AM PST Friday.
* IMPACTS...Extremely large breaking waves will create very
  hazardous conditions along beaches and area shorelines. Waves
  will inundate beaches and surge into normally dry areas.
  Infrastructure damage and significant beach erosion can be
* ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Surf will build this morning and remain
  very high into Friday morning.
Beaches and coastlines will become hazardous due to very large
and life-threatening surf conditions. Stay off of beaches, rocks,
jetties, piers, and other waterside infrastructure.

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