Ballots are received and sorted for the primary election on Monday, May 16, 2022 at the Marion County Clerk's office in Salem, Ore.

With only a few days before Election Day, tens of thousands of ballots are filtering through drop boxes and the mail in Marion and Polk counties.

As of Wednesday, the Marion County Clerk’s Office had scanned 54,171 ballot return envelopes.

Although the number is only slightly higher than the number of ballots scanned the Wednesday before the last mid-term Election Day in 2018, election officials are anticipating a higher voter turnout this year.

“We ended up with 65.56% turnout in 2018,” Marion County Clerk Bill Burgess said. “We anticipate 70% to 75% turnout this election due to high public interest.”

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There are 220,329 eligible voters in Marion County, an increase of almost 20,000 from 2018. By Wednesday, 24.57% of those voters had turned in a ballot.

Midterm elections typically see fewer people voting than in presidential election years. In November 2020, Marion County reported a 78.94% turnout.

Voters who have already returned their ballot can check its status on the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office website at Click on the My Vote tracker

Burgess said anyone who has not yet received their ballot needs to get a replacement from Marion County Clerk’s Office immediately.

“After today, they need to come in person to our office because it will be too late for us to mail them a ballot,” he said.

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