With a win over Oregon, could UCLA get into the playoff? Here’s what Pollack thinks:

“100%. I mean, I think UCLA they’ve already beaten Utah. They beat Oregon, and they beat USC? I think they’ll be in a good situation to be in the playoffs. Because again, we got a bunch of undefeated teams and I don’t think it’s going to continue to happen. And I think the Big-12 is the most competitive conference top to bottom like week in and week out. TCU this week playing Kansas State I think there’s a good chance they could lose that game like it’s just going to be competitive games week in and week out. So that conference I think is going to beat each other up. The SEC, you know, Georgia, Tennessee and Bama are gonna play each other at some point again. Georgia definitely plays Tennessee and then Bama and Georgia gonna play, or Tennessee and Bama are gonna play again. Clemson, do they run the table? They obviously got games in front of Syracuse starting with this week. This is the first time in a while that we’ve been to Week 8, and we have at least one team for every conference alive. And that’s pretty cool. Usually, we’ve already killed the Pac-12. I mean, at this point, like in the last couple years, the Pac-12 hasn’t been competitive enough to where you point to a team and you can find it so I think it’s cool. I think there’s more parity in college football than there there’s been and I don’t even think it’s just Bama, Georgia, Ohio State. I feel like there’s a lot more teams that can be competitive and I think the transfer portal has changed college football. I mean y’all are obviously, if you look down the road at Southern Cal, I call them Transfer Porter University. I mean, that’s what they’ve as much as they brought in.”

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