The two owners want to create a space where artists of color can feel comfortable and accepted, while having the resources to do great work.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Two Portland entrepreneurs are working to turn the Horizon Enterprise Building in Portland’s Old Town into a space for BIPOC artists.

Adewale Agboola and Cyrus Coleman purchased the building about a year ago and are trying to raise $2 million in order to completely renovate it. 

When the building is done, Agboola and Coleman said it will have a full production studio, jazz club, art gallery, podcast room, painting room and a lot of other things.

“Coming from my personal story, when I moved here, I was not able to find the community I really want.” Agboola said. 

Agboola and Coleman are both Black and said it can be hard to find spaces where Black artists feel welcome and accepted. 

“We want to create a space where we can feel seen and celebrated but also a place where we can all be comfortable and not be overlooked and over-shadowed,” Agboola said. 

Coleman is a designer at Nike. He said he wants to bring positivity and life back to Old Town. He said he understands that crime and homelessness are big concerns.

“There’s challenges everywhere in Portland,” Coleman said. “You’ve got to build it and they will come. It takes everyone being here to change it.”

Artists and users will need to pay a membership to use the building’s facilities. Coleman said fundraising is crucial in order to make this dream come true. 

“We are not going to be able to achieve this goal without the money, that is what it comes down to,” Coleman said. 

They hope to get the renovations started in January and open the space in June. This is all dependent on the ability to fundraise the rest of the money.

On Thursday, Dec. 8, guests will be invited to the building for a fundraising event. The address is 433 Northwest 4th Avenue. If people have questions about the fundraising event or project, they can visit the website here.

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