A kangaroo with its joey on Kangaroo Island, Australia.

What the bill does:

Senate Bill 764 would prohibit the sale of kangaroo parts and products containing parts of a dead kangaroo. It would punish “unlawful kangaroo exchange” with a maximum 364-day jail sentence, a $6,250 fine, or both.

The backstory:

The bill is aimed at stopping the sale of products made of kangaroo parts, notably soccer cleats made from kangaroo leather. The cleats are sold by various manufacturers, including Oregon-based Nike, one of the state’s largest private employers. Nike told ESPN in December that k-leather is “used in a small portion” of its soccer boots and is sourced from processors “that use sound animal husbandry and humane treatment.”

Animal-rights advocacy groups applauded the bill and said organizations would be referring to the legislation as the No Inhumane Kangaroo Exploitation Act, or the NIKE Act.

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