Al Roker explained that after some “medical whack-a-mole,” he’s on the way to recovery after a health scare.

WASHINGTON — Weatherman and morning TV co-host Al Roker revealed Friday that he’s recovering after being hospitalized because of blood clots in his leg and lungs. 

“So many of you have been thoughtfully asking where I’ve been,” Roker wrote in a post on social media. “Last week I was admitted to the hospital with a blood clot in my leg which sent some clots into my lungs. After some medical whack-a-mole, I am so fortunate to be getting terrific medical care and on the way to recovery.”

His “Today” co-hosts shared the update during Friday’s show and Savannah Guthrie added that Roker is in “good spirits.” 

Roker usually hosts the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with Guthrie and Hoda Kotb. It’s yet to be announced whether or not someone else will take over parade coverage for Roker this year. 

In Friday’s update, Roker also thanked fans for their well wishes and prayers, saying that he hopes to see everyone soon. 

Back in 2020, Roker was off the air for a couple weeks after undergoing surgery to have his prostate removed. Roker revealed at the time that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer but that they had caught it early. He said it all began with a routine physical when his doctor discovered he had an elevated prostate-specific antigen in his bloodwork. That led to him getting an MRI, followed by a biopsy, to confirm his diagnosis.  

Roker decided to publicly share his diagnosis to encourage others at risk — particularly Black men — to ensure they see a doctor and get the proper checkups to stop a cancer that is very treatable if detected early. 

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