At the end of the propagation process, workers at Fessler Nursery pull trays of annuals that will go to wholesalers.

A flurry of snow and wind shook the walls. But inside the greenhouses at Fessler Nursery near Woodburn, plants and people alike basked in warm, humid air.

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Fessler is an indoor nursery. All its operations happen inside greenhouse walls. So even ahead of the biggest winter storm of the year, plants are protected from the elements.

Which is a good thing. Winter is the nursery’s busiest season, said Katy Fessler.

Officially retired, Ken Fessler, XX, can be found most days working in the greenhouses.

Katy is one of several family members who own and operate the decades-old nursery. Her husband, Marvin, is founder Ken Fessler’s son.

While many crop-based farms slow down their operations during the cold months, nurseries ramp theirs up. Mother’s Day weekend is Fessler’s equivalent of Christmas. Spring is its busiest selling season, and the only time of year the nursery opens to the public. So the months leading up to spring are all-hands-on-deck.

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