5 bathroom remodeling ideas to consider before you begin your next bath remodeling project.

A captivating bathroom remodel that can easily be mistaken for a spa bathroom.

Gone are the days when bathrooms were simply made for a quick rush-in and rush-out to get clean. Now, bathrooms can be renovated into the perfect environment for relaxation. Who needs a spa when you can sit back in a state-of-the-art bathtub complete with the right amount of bubbles and cozy lighting? 

With bathroom remodeling, homeowners often worry about getting the perfect mix of beauty and functionality. No one wants a bathroom with tiles to die for, but a flooding floor (yuck). 

So, it’s necessary to be able to combine both seamless design with seamless functionality (bathrooms should still be able to serve as bathrooms).

A mix of modern and homely, this bathroom is remodeled to perfection.

There are so many options to choose from, and it can get quite difficult to pick just one. To make things a bit simpler, here are 5 beautiful bathroom renovations that will transform the feel of any home. Let’s dive right in!

No pressure to dash out of the shower with this beautiful and chic bathroom renovation.

1. Neat and Modern

Simplicity (almost) always wins. This type of bathroom renovation often features in-shower recessed shelves and pure white tiles, with golden or silver taps, giving it the look and feel of modern royalty. Plus, a bathtub is not always necessary for this kind of bathroom.

With a simple floor design and an often completely transparent shower room, this bathroom type is perfect for anyone who loves classy and chic. 

Of course, pure white is high maintenance so this is probably not the best option for couples with kids who will be tempted to draw on such flawless white tiles.

2. Color? Yes Please

On the other end of beautiful bathroom remodels, there are absolutely gorgeous bathrooms that do not shy away from color. 

From princess pink color themes to navy blues and light greys, color has the power to make any bathroom unique. 

A common feature with colorful bathrooms is subway tiles, which have become a favorite option as they give a more “homey” feel. 

Bathrooms can also be renovated to have toilets in a totally different color other than white. While colors like yellow and orange are probably not wise, more subtle colors like grey or blue do well to liven up the bathroom interior. 

3. Mini Home Spa

Although a more expensive option, this bathroom renovation creates an ambience of relaxation and privacy. The spa theme often comes with floor-to-ceiling dark wooden tiles, floating sinks and marble countertops. 

To top it all off, pot plants and woven baskets can be added so it’s not confused with a hotel bathroom!

4. Sea Fantasy

This type of bathroom creates the illusion of being underwater, with fish-scale tiles that easily make the bathroom stand out from the conventional.

Another intriguing feature in line with the sea theme is freestanding bathtubs (often more than one) which act as ships in the sea. 

5. Dual Bathrooms

His and Hers, or just for the kids, this bathroom is perfect for any home that needs two bathrooms but in one space. 

Complete with twin mirrors, dual sinks and double shower stands, there’ll hardly be any problem with waiting an hour or two for one person to finish using the bathroom.

And there you have it! Each of these bathroom renovations are great examples that show bathroom décor makes all the difference.

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