4 Unique Library Designs for Your Living Room

A library in your living room? That may sound like an odd idea, but there are several reasons to consider it. Libraries add a feeling of sophistication to any room while making them a great place to relax. You can enjoy a calm, serene new space in your house while soaking up knowledge and getting lost in stories. Your living room is probably your favorite room in the house. It’s where you go to relax after a long day, throw on some music and chill out with a movie or a book. Managing your living room can be challenging. It’s where you live, after all!


Depending on the size and scale, there’s even a chance that it will add value to your home. Selling a house becomes much easier when there are unique features to highlight, like a library. You can even sell your house without a realtor after adding such a unique feature. Your choice of wood materials, finish, and design can affect the overall value that a new library can add to a property. Unsure of where to start when considering a design? Take a look at these 4 unique and easy library designs for your living room.


A Library in Contrasting Colors

Decorate your living area in white, a tone of cream white color to set the paint, and bring comfortable white sofas. Then consider placing a black center glass table in the middle of the room. This will create the classy contrast that many homeowners desire in a living area setting. Your home’s value will increase after implementing this new home addition. For homeowners that plan to sell their homes in the future, a new library with contrasting colors will make the task much easier.


The wall above the fireplace is the perfect place to arrange shelves for your new library. For better contrast, paint the shelves black. Most people choose a wall opposite the sitting area for creating a library. The idea here is to create a blend of harmonious colors and arrange shelves so that it’s easy to read your favorite authors. Another variation can be to arrange books on a standalone wall. You can create a library on the wall that separates your living room from the rest of the living space.


Simple Bookshelf

Who says a library has to be spacious? You don’t need to own 100s of books to create a home library. Start with a small number of books and continue adding more where necessary. If you create a library with more than one dozen books, it may become difficult to set up. The last thing you want is for your library to take over an entire room. It should add to your house’s appeal, not take away from it. Soon enough, you’ll have homebuyers from all over contacting you about your new lavish home. iBuyers like OpenDoor may even come knocking to make you an offer.


You don’t have to invest in expensive bookshelves if your budget is limited. There is no need to reconstruct the entire wall or invest in new furniture unless you want to. Start small and gradually invest in more furniture pieces for your new library. Selling a house with a massive, overbearing room could deter potential homebuyers. Incorporate more books in your library at a pace that makes sense for the space itself.

Invest in a Bookshelf Center Table

Are you limited on space in the part of your house where you’re adding the library? Consider investing in a new center table that will hold all your books. You may need to get it customized depending on the overall layout of the room. Purchasing a tabletop made of glass can help emphasize the books that you place on it. This helps them stand out when guests come over. Once you have your new bookshelf center table set up in your room, the atmosphere will completely shift with your home.


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