A ballot is placed in a secure drop box at a drive-thru location in Salem in 2021.

An error in place for the past six years failed to pre-register nearly 8,000 Oregonians to vote, according to a release from the Oregon Secretary of State’s office.

The error has since been fixed and ballots are expected to be mailed later this week to ensure the 7,767 eligible voters affected are able to participate in the November General Election.

Discovery of the error was prompted by a call from a young voter, according to Ben Morris from the Oregon Secretary of State’s office. The voter had not received their ballot as they had expected after visiting the DMV when they were 16 years old.

Any Oregonian with a qualifying interaction with their DMV usually has voting information automatically sent to the Oregon Secretary of State’s office to register or update voter registration information. After looking into their records, the office discovered Friday that a software error had not triggered the process correctly for the 18-year-old as it should have, Morris said.

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