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Rachel Pinsky

For a city that once outlawed breweries downtown, the Vancouver beer scene has only gotten stronger in recent years, fostering a tight-knit network of brewers and beer aficionados. Pioneering breweries like Mt. Tabor Brewing, Loowit Brewing, and Heathen Brewing have operated in the city for years, helping rebuild and revitalize Vancouver’s beer scene within the last decade. Many of the city’s brewers started at home, picking up a kit from Bader Beer and Wine Supply, and discovering a love for fermenting malt and hops. Now, the area is home to at least 30 breweries, tapping kegs of IPA, pilsner, and more.

In this map, we’ve compiled some standout brewpubs and breweries in Vancouver and the surrounding areas, like Washougal and Camas. This isn’t a complete list of breweries in Clark County, but a curated mix of well-known spots like Heathen and Trap Door, as well as newer businesses like Vice Beer and Camas Brewing Company. For more beer north of the Columbia, Clark County boasts stellar taprooms like Final Draft Taphouse, Mav’s Taphouse, and Ben’s Bottle Shop. For beer south of the Columbia, check out Eater Portland’s brewery map.

Note: Health experts consider dining out to be a high-risk activity for the unvaccinated; it may pose a risk for the vaccinated, especially in areas with substantial COVID transmission.

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